Workbench is your easy, self-directed ad builder

Workbench is a powerful, online ad builder that enables your sales channel to design customized marketing materials and boost direct marketing capabilities in minutes. Users select prepared, pre-approved design elements and messaging. Your sales channel can also personalize their message in designated areas.

Do-it-yourself advertisements for print

You choose ad size, product and model, feature photo, headline, copy text, special promotions, etc to produce tailor-made ads in minutes, with room for a dealer's logo and message.

Workbench isn't just fast and simple to use; it's smart marketing asset management. Major brand elements are locked down to ensure that your brand is portrayed effectively in channel-directed communications. Still, itís flexible enough for dealers to promote sales, events, or include location-specific messaging.

Workbench allows you to:

  • Create a controlled environment to maintain your brand.
  • Upload new ad images, headlines and copy once, while actually creating hundreds of ads.
  • Remove outdated materials quickly.

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