Reach your customers with Flint Direct Mail Programs

It's challenging to produce a professional direct mail marketing program that is relevant to your market, with the frequency you need to produce results even for large dealerships and franchisees with their own marketing staff. Apart from creating the mailer or postcard, there are offers, mailing lists, vendors, deadlines, and customer buying cycles to consider.

Flint Direct already has the staff and systems in place to build a direct mail program that works making it easy and affordable for dealers to expand their regional marketing.

Whether you do a few hundred mailings in a month or several thousand, Flint Direct can set up a dealer direct marketing program that fits your objectives, and generates traffic for your dealers.

Craft unique messaging for different markets, products, etc.

Create as few as six attention-grabbing promotional materials or as many as 100 different pieces for your dealers to choose from.

Our staff learns your company, key markets, buying cycles and more. We use this information to create mailers that achieve maximum impact throughout the year, with flexibility and variety that enables dealers to enroll in mailers that best fit their marketing goals.

Utilize dealer-friendly enrollment systems and processes

We'll work with you to notify dealers of upcoming mailer opportunities, and we make enrollment simple for dealers; all it takes is a visit to the online advertising resource center or a phone call to Flint Direct.

Easy integration with other marketing efforts

Your direct mail program is a great complement to other corporate- and dealer-level marketing initiatives. You can drive traffic to your website, publicize events and sales promotions you can even integrate with our Engage surveys and automated emails to nurture stronger sales leads.

Mailing list development

In addition to our professional design, production and fulfillment for direct mail, Flint Direct can help you acquire prospects in a new market, scrub your data or optimize your list for a specific campaign. The Flint Direct staff has the experience to to fine tune your mailing list for maximum results.

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